Saturday, December 15, 2012

2nd Annual Holiday Ornament Swap Blog Hop

Hi all ! I'm so excited to be sharing this Hop with you today! And my other Hop for today with Shelley and Marlene can be found HERE.
Christmas is one of my very favorite holidays, and I love getting presents, so when I saw Sally Russick's post on Studio Sublime, I was jumping up and down with excitement! This was way back in October, but I was all on board for an ornament swap!
And, then, holy moly, I got paired with Cooky Schock! She has been the owner of The Shepherdess in San Diego, CA for the last twelve years of the store's thirty-five year life. Sadly, it is now closing, but there have been many 'celebrity' beaders in and of that wonderful place. I wish I could have visited it before it closed. Cooky has been surrounded by awesome artists,and is a metalworker, and a wonderful person. I've been so very glad to be her partner, and to receive such a special gift from her in this exchange.
To be quite honest, I was very intimidated when I saw all the names of the artists that she has met/worked with through the Shepherdess. You know, like Jenny Davies-Reazor, Leslee Frumin, Marcia DeCoster.....
Cooky was so sweet and kind to me, saying she could hardly thread a needle! :)
Well, let me tell you, that doesn't stop her talent at all! Wanna see what she sent me?? Yes!! I know!! I'm all excited too!!!
Ok, check out the awesomeness of her gifts....

That sweetie pie of a sheep is an icon of the shop. They would give them as gifts to customers. I'm so very honored that I've received one of the last ones.

 Can you believe the gorgeousness of this key And I really didn't do it justice in this pic, cause that hand made loop at the top is stunning. The colors in the bead just shimmer. I'm thinking it just really needs to hang from my rear view mirror, cause it makes me smile...a lot! And you know that's a necessary when you get behind the wheel, right?

Oh, the squishy fuzziness!!!
Here is the list of participants, please go check out their gifts. Blessings, Shirley

List of Participants

Shirley Moore You are here
Cooky Schock My awesome partner


  1. What a beautiful and original design and as for the cuddly little fellow...well he's no Baa Humbug is he :0)

  2. Hi Shirley,
    The ornament you received from Cooky is beautiful and I am with you hang it from your rear view mirror so you can look at year round and smile, smile, smile!
    Merry Christmas,

  3. That key is GORGEOUS! I love to see the creativity that artists bring to the table! Beautiful! And so happy you got your fuzzy friend, too! Merry Christmas!

  4. This was a box of Joy! That key ornament is fantastic! And the door/window card is so pretty and the sheep!!! Oh I can see why you love the sheep so much :-)
    I really do love that key ornament!

  5. What a beautiful ornament you received from Cooky. I love everything about it, the colorful bead at the top, the hanger, her beadwork, and that fantastic key! And what a cute little fuzzy lamb.

    I'm sorry to hear the Shepherdess is closed. I live in Kansas, but my husband frequently had confreneces in San Diego. I would tag along and always loved to visit this sweet shop.

  6. What a great package of gifts you received! I love the sheep! He is adorable I just want to give it a squeeze! I had the pleasure of taking one of Cooky's classes at Beadfest Philly this year and she is a sweetheart! The ornament that she made for you is gorgeous!! I love how she wrapped the beads around the top of the key! It's so perfect.

    Shirley, thank you so much for participating in the swap/hop! Have a joyous Christmas!

  7. Oh how sweet! That little sheep is a wonderful gift. I am sorry to hear that her shop is closing but it sounds like she had a long and wonderful time being creative in it! And a KEY! Wowza! I love keys. Can't get enough of them. This is very special indeed. Enjoy the day! Erin

  8. That key is just gorgeous! And, that little sheep is so adorable. I can see why you want to look at it all the time! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  9. I agree, it has to go somewhere you can see it all the time! What a great ornament, and cute sheep too!

  10. Great ornament... and that sheep is a sweetie pie!

  11. I agree with you about hanging it in the car so you can see it everyday. Very kool ornament & I like the sheep too.

  12. A beautiful key to friendship! I love what you recieved!

  13. I love the key ornament! I think it would look fantastic hanging from your rearview mirror. Hmmm ... considering how much time I spend in my car driving my kiddos around, I think I'm going to transfer mine onto my mirror after the holidays too! Great idea! =)

  14. I agree - rearview mirror. And then the key symbolism will inspire you all the time - you can undo, unlock, open whatever is blocking you! That Cooky, she IS awesome! (Yes, I am biased)

    Wonderful package!

  15. Love the key ornament-what a fantastic design! The thread and beads on it are just gorgeous. I agree, it can be displayed year-round. And the sheep is really sweet.

  16. Oh, the thread really adds a lot of texture and dimension to the key. It's a really lovely ornament... and isn't she cute for sending you a little sheep! I think it's darling!

  17. Fantastic design with the key, the texture is great. Happy Holidays!!!


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