Sunday, December 2, 2012

PDA with Shelley Turner

If you've never seen one of Shelley's play dates, you're in for a treat! She so generously sends you a mix of beads, and she uses the same beads to create some beautiful jewelry. Her only rule is to use the focal beads, everything else is optional. Shelley is an amazing clay artist, and the focal beads are a stunning, deep orange, perfect for a fall piece.

Now this awesome woman also sent me some seriously cool coiled wire beads. As soon as I saw them, my mind of course went into beadweaving mode. They reminded me of one of my very favorite stitches, cellini spiral. I made a couple of cellini beads to accent Shelley's.

 Now, here's the funny part for all you wireworking genius'. Shelley sent me a coil of extra wire to use. But when I opened the package, all I could think of  was what a pretty flower that coil of wire made. Sooo, I just curled the ends around itself, and used it like as a pendant! Ok, ok, ya'll can stop giggling at me, I thought it looked cool!

I've been all into making star ornaments lately for Christmas, so it was just a natural to make a star to hang in my pretty flower coil. I followed that orange theme with a gorgeous goldstone bead in the center of the star.

I love Shelley's clasp, and I didn't want it hiding in the back, so I added it to the focus on the front.

This necklace pushed me so far out of my comfort zone, it was not even funny. I can tell ya'll, I absolutely suck at wirework. So just overlook my pitiful attempts, 'k?
There was a tiny chain in there, so on one side I tried to do a wired loop for my spiral bead, and on the other I tried to use that tiny chain. I DO NOT have awesome wire tools. I have generic needle nose pliers, and bent nose pliers. I already felt like I was all thumbs using those puppies, then I tried to open that twisted ring on that TINY chain....did I mention how small it was? Yep, real test of my patience there....

You can let me know if either side looks better, I can't really tell any difference between the two. My vision was for the spiral beads to be right up against the orange beads, so I may change it later. Right now, I'm just happy I got all those wires to semi behave. I used a tute from the Beaded Path for that cute little beaded bead on the other side.

 I liked it so much, I created a couple more and made earrings with some very cute leaves that were in my goody bag as well.
Man, those are some seriously sad loops....

 (Yes, they are the same length, I was going for artistic representation here, you know?)

I can't begin to thank Shelley enough for letting me play with her. This was such a great experience, and yet again, I've learned more about me and what kind of designer I am becoming. Even though I will NEVER win any prizes for wirework, I'm so proud of me for making earrings, and the wirework in the necklace.
Thanks again, Shelley, you took me to a new and wonderful place! Now go see what Shelley made with hers!

Blessings, Shirley


  1. I LOVE it. I love the focal and the unusual use of the wire. It made the necklace very unique. I love the earrings you did with those beaded balls. I would say that you have fun with your play date with Shelley. I wouldn't worry too much about the wire wrapping. When I first started beading the coils were suppose to be so precise and I could never quite master it and now the message coil is in and people deliberately make it that way. Great job.

  2. Hi Shirley,
    Girl you rocked this challenge I love the necklace with all the different elements, a little of Shelley's work and a little of yours. I have just one word for it, Gorgeous! I love the earrings too, gorgeous! I need to look up that beaded bead. I'm like you when it comes to wire wrapping and looping, but I think you did a great job.

  3. I like this very much!! good work!

  4. I think you did a fantastic job! The orange of Shelley's beads is simply delicious.

    Don't be so quick to point out what you percieve to be your shortcomings! I think you did a very fine job with your wirework. Your pieces have an artistic feel.

  5. Shelley, I love your wire work, not sure what you complain about! coiling the wire into a wreath-like pendant is such a wonderful idea; and everything else is just splendid. A perfectly worked set :)

  6. Oh, my, I think I called you 'Shelley', too early in the morning!! Sorry :)

  7. Love Shelley's PDa idea and your pieces look great - including the wire 'flower' coil. Great job ~~T

  8. I like it! You did a wonderful job on the beadwork and the wirework.

  9. Creative would be an understatement, ahh but Beautiful, yes. You Go Girl!

  10. Such fun designs! and love how that necklace turned out!

  11. Shirley what a beautiful necklace. I LOVE what you did with the wire, making it into a flower frame for your beaded wonder! Wow so in awe of beadweavers such as yourself. I LOVE those earrings. THEY are glorious! THANK YOU for playing along with me and for making my humble PC beads look high-end.

    Happy Holidays Shirley!
    ~ Shelley

  12. Very pretty, Shirley! I love how you kept the wire weaved into the circle. Kind of reminds me of spirograph from years ago (I am dating myself).

  13. Lovely :) and that wire nest looks great with your flower ;) And I make wire loops all the time and I still get more 'sad' ones then I like to admit ;) lol

  14. Beautiful beadweaving Miss Shirley! I really like how it draws your eye around and lends substance to the necklace design. And I love the loose coil around the pendant. That is inspired design. Enjoy the day. Erin

  15. Awesome job, Shirley! I love it. Nice to see you branch out so that I know it's possible! HA! Congratulations, sista!

  16. Love your woven beads with Shelley's polymer; very nice.


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