Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gift from Pay It Forward

Do you know what Pay It Forward is all about? About giving, and receiving, and blessings, and gratitude, and thankfulness. You feel all those things when you are making something to Pay It Forward to someone, and when you receive your own gift. I was a lucky recipient of a Pay It Forward gift from Deci over at Gem Trails.  Look at the lovely earrings I received from her. My frustration was at high level trying to capture the sparkle in the crystals in the middle. They are truly lovely.  Thank you so much Deci!  If you need some of your own, you can find similar ones in her shop, here.

So I'm keeping this post short and sweet, since I need to get back to making the rest of my Pay It Forwards!!


  1. Those are pretty! I got a lovely PIF from Deci also, so much fun!

  2. Gorgeous, thanks for sharing your PIF gift!

  3. Shirley, you're one lucky lady to receive this PIF gift!

  4. I'm glad you like them! That was a rough week and I was hoping something not too ambitious was okay. Thanks, your friend Deci


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