Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Are you FULL yet???

The bead soup party still rages on! With 210 total participants, it's a serious journey. I've had so much fun checking out all the beautiful designs, great soups, and wonderful artists. The awesome Lori Anderson had a seriously GREAT idea with this one.  I think my brain has been expanded to its limits. I have some inspiration for new pieces, and a total appreciation for copper and brass like never before. I understand how much I don't know about photography now. Cause that really made some of the pieces stand out like crazy.  I also now realize how frustrating it is to not know how to navigate sites quickly and easily.  Signing the "verification" thingy at the bottom of the comments really got on my nerves. And, every so often, blogger would tell me I couldn't make a comment because I wasn't enabled. Grrr.
And now I'm really  nervous, cause I have new followers! Goofy, huh? Cause I sure don't want the people I added to my blog list to be nervous cause I signed up to follow them.
I definitely saw that beadweavers were in the minority in the bead soup party. Which is good for me, since it made my piece tend to stick in your head a little more, even if it's not as awesome as some of the others I saw.
If anyone wants to share bloggy tips, I would be seriously grateful. Like the thing about signature that Lisa Godfrey over at Bead Happy blogged about today.
I'm glad/sad I'm finished hopping. Now to let all that soup settle!


  1. Hi Shirley...I agree, while hopping around and seeing so many blogs, it does make one realize there are so many cool blog gadgets they'd like to try. I've been thinking more and more about revamping my entire blog...which I did about 2 years ago. Lori tried to talk me out of it saying a "static" banner is like a brand...but I'm kinda getting tired of my "look". I use Wordpress and not Blogger, so it's hard for me to use all of the great tips and advice out there.
    BTW, I love that picture of you on the right, "Captured by the kids!". That is my life too!!!

  2. Hi Shirley! I would love to exchange tips on bloggin, not sure if I have any, but would love to see the ones you come by! You're necklace for the bead soup party is lovely! I hope I can join up for the next one. Seems I'm finding out about all these fun things just after they end or just after then start. lol.

    Bead on!


  3. Hi Shirley
    I'm still taking the tour. I made myself a spreadsheet and have little goals...I'm going for five tonight. There's too much to see! It's like meeting someone at a party or at the bead shop and you want to find out a lot more about them. So, I'm reading my way along!

    Your freeform peyote is my fave. I've only tried it once and love the end result but the tiny string was painful. So, more power to you!!!

    All blogging starts'll have fun figuring out new and cool things. I love learning new tips and tidbits, too!!

    Take care


  4. What a dedicated group of bloggers and beaders for the bead soup party! I'll have to check them out! Pearl


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