Friday, March 11, 2011

An out of town visitor

One of the cool things about living here is all the variety of wildlife we have seen. This guy showed up at our pond last year. I took some pics, and emailed DNR. They quickly replied back that he is an Anhinga. They originate from Brazil. Not sure if that's where mine is from, but he did come back this year. Definitely had our pond earmarked for easy meals!
So we wondered why he just sat there with 
his wings spread out, not flying off. Apparently, he is not waterproof! He gets his fish by diving underwater. His long neck means people can mistake him for a snake. After catching din-din, he has to dry his wings before flying off. That would be a serious bummer if there were an alligator in the area!


  1. Wow that's cool! Is he there for the summer? Maybe you could make him a necklace. ;-) lol

    Shirley, making any bread lately???

  2. That IS SO COOL! I love birds and that is a neat looking one! Maybe he'll migrate up to MD! :)

  3. Hmm a bird that has to have dry wings to fly? What does he do when it rains? That would nix travel plans... it is really awesome that you got a pic and were able to find out what kind of bird he is. I love watching wildlife too!


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