Monday, March 28, 2011

Incredible Artist

I am so very excited to show these pictures to you. The lovely Raida Disbrow of Havana Beads is an incredible artist. She makes fantastic jewelry, and when I saw a pic of a dog bead on a key that she posted, I had to email her.  We adopted a very sweet mutt in December. Her mom was classified as a MaltiPoo, and they didn't know about the dad. With the size of her feet, I think he had some Bassett Hound in him.  I emailed Raida and asked her if there was any chance she could make a likeness of our dog.  The big problem? She's black. And I'm talking TOTALLY black. As you can see below, she has an adorable face that you can't find the eyes in!

There's an eye peeking out at you!

So, Raida had her work cut out for her! And guess what?? She totally rocked it!  Check out the awesome pup below!

Don't you know I'm gonna have a blast with this! Since I am a beadweaver, I've got to put my thinking cap on as to what kind of rope I want to make for it.  So, if you want to immortalize your pet in the best fashion way, go visit Raida! 
Blessings, Shirley


  1. That is TOO FUN! She did a great job on that bead. (p.s. We adopted a Maltichon this month!)

  2. Really cute! We just got two Havanese puppies!

  3. LOL, that is adorable!!!! I have two rescued greyhounds, they are probably to skinny for a bead. lol

  4. Thanks for sharing these adorable lampwork keys! They are the perfect gift - I'm going to make note of her shop!


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